Strategic Corporate prides itself not only in the service delivered but also in the following factual qualities:

➢ Experience: We have over 15 years’ experience in the valuations industry and through this experience we guarantee our clients unquestionable valuation reports.

➢ Compliance: We comply with all regulators and undergo annual registration and provide adequate indemnity insurance cover.

➢ Capacity: Meeting our client’s demands has always been a task that Strategic fulfills without a problem. We have the capacity to guarantee that we can provide valuation reports in record time no mature were the valuation is to be done within Kenya.

➢ Trained Valuers: We pride ourselves in having well trained valuers in customer service and are well informed in their field. We conduct thorough background check to ensure the highest level of integrity.

Valuation Management Information System: Strategic has invested in an information technology management system that provides access to valuation reports to all our clients. We have increased efficiency and paperless reporting to our clients.