The consultants in the company are well experienced, registered and licensed in accordance with cap 532, 533 of the Laws of Kenya and EMCA .


We have a Professional Insurance Indemnity Cover with Sanlam General Insurance Limited.

We offer the following professional services:
• Valuation services.
• Investment appraisal.
• Feasibility studies.
• Environmental Impact Assessment and Audit.
• Site acquisition.
• Consultancy on Real Estate.
• Asset tagging.


Accurate information showing the value of the property is a constant business requirement. We provide independent valuation of all types of assets for all purposes and business needs as follows:
➢ Valuations of land and buildings
➢ Valuation of plant and machinery
➢ Valuation of office equipment and furniture
➢ Valuation of stocks and shares
➢ Goodwill/going concern valuations
➢ Rental Assessment valuations
➢ Valuations for Financial Reporting and Accounting purposes
➢ Valuation for Arbitration and Administration of Estates.
➢ Valuation for court purposes.

We carry out valuations for various purposes such as:

➢ Bank/Mortgage/Loan
➢ Disposal/Sale
➢ Purchase
➢ Insurance
➢ Owner-Occupier house allowance
➢ Rental Negotiations
➢ Book/Audit/Balance Sheet
➢ Local Taxation (Rating Assessment) with regard to assessing the Unimproved Site
Values for rates calculation.
➢ Merger and Acquisitions