Motor Vehicle Valuations Loss Assessments

Strategic provides accurate, professional and on-time Valuation and loss assessment reports.

➢ We review vehicle age, mileage covered, mechanical history and the general condition among other things and using the recommended valuation principles, we gauge the vehicle’s value.

➢ We enable our clients to place the relative actual value on a motor vehicle when insuring or lending. In the event that the same is involved in an accident or loss there is general comfort and acceptability of the figures on the part of
the insurer as well as their customers otherwise a customer who had over or under insured a vehicle would be dissatisfied when the actual value is determined on a post-loss basis.

➢ Further owing to the prevailing moral hazards, fraudsters have had a field day insuring and obtaining credit against non-existing vehicles or salvages. Our motor valuation service addresses keenly the registration particulars as per the logbook, i.e. Registration number, Engine & Chassis numbers, make and model.
We also take into account the condition of coach work including generation of digital color photographs, road worthiness testing, examination of extras fitted
and their estimated values and type of anti-theft devices fitted. Upon thorough inspection of the above, we then issue a report advising on the estimated
market value of a vehicle or highlight any issue adverse to the insurer or lender and we cap with our opinion on the insurability or otherwise of any subject vehicle.

➢ The insurer or the lender can therefore make critical decisions to either take up the risk or decline. In essence the principal of ‘Utmost good faith’ will be well practiced.

➢ In motor assessment we enable the insurer to realize the actual repair costs of accident vehicles in the most professional and cost effective manner.

➢ We maintain fast and efficient services where reports are submitted within the shortest time possible.

We are able to accomplish by offering the following:

➢ Any-Time Valuations: We recognize and appreciate our customers need quick turnaround time so as to serve their customer expediently. It is with this in mind that Strategic invested in an information system that customers can access there report anywhere any time and at their own convenience. We also have operational bases in most counties that ensure quick turnaround on all valuations and assessments.